Friday, 13 July 2012

Life is Beautiful Friday Focus: Taking the time for you

  1:  Red Chair (imagesweetness)
  2: The New Wall (emmacase)
  3: Yummy coffee and walnut cake (sacco2photo)
  4: Blanket-Part One (jen82)

Since having our little Florrie and hitting the wedding season Ive been really aware about the busyness of life. Yep, I'm sure you feel the same and you're not surprised! While looking through Instagram recently Ive seen things that make me smile, make me excited and make me want to have the time to do, make, create, be.
So Ive started myself a little project! In the evenings I sit and crotchet! (Like a grandma Owen says!) and Ive totally become obsessed and absorbed in the whole thing. Largely inspired by the lovely work in photo 4 (Thank Jen82!) Ive then spotted other things that I would love to do. These four photos, these snippets of life made me want to do more with my time, to do some things for me, that fuel my creativity. Whether it be salvaging some old furniture with a lick of paint, finally printing some of our photos and making our own little gallery, baking (always space for more cake!) and making time to create something new from scratch! I can tick one of those of my list so far!
I suppose, I want to challenge you, in a good and positive way. Do you have time for you? What do you fancy doing? Having a go at? Learning something new? Sorting something out youve been meaning to do for a while? I hope this might inspire you to take a bit of you time. I don't say this lightly, as I know how busy life can be, but I mean it wholeheartedly, hoping you can make time for you x x x Happy weekend& thanks again to all those people who have allowed me to share their lives this week.

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