Friday, 6 July 2012

Life is Beauitful Friday Focus: Summer we miss you!

 1: Hello Sunshine! (Devlinphotos)
 2: Its a perfect day (McKinley-Rodgers)
 3: Sunshine is delicious (Alphabetbags)
 4: Not so grim up North, Fingers hugely crossed for my couples wedding day tomorrow (Bride and Glory)
Sheesh, Its July and Im not sure weve had anything remotely like a summer yet. Ive worn chunky knits and fur lined boots this week! It even got so bad last week, we made the most of a free weekend and travelled from one side of the country to the other where we found some lovely weather, plus some awesome friends too! (certainly worth it!)
I thought todays Friday Focus would be a homage to the sun! Hopefully it might get the hint, take note and come join us this July!
There is something about the sun on your face, the sun through your hair and being able to breathe in slightly warmer air.
Lucky for me, living on the coast, when the sun shines we can stroll on down to the beach, we can enjoy a very fresh and clear blue, which you might not see in land.
Todays photos are a reminder that the sun will shine again and the beach isnt that far away!
Hope the sun shines for you soon and you can get out and make the most of it, whether you live near the coast or in the city.
Thank you to the lovely people who so kindly let me use your fab photos today and to the very lovely Anushe, Sarah, Debs and Chipper for sharing their lives this week. Happy weekend, what ever you get up to  x x

Oh, and while I remember, when you do think of something that makes you smile, dont forget the hastag #lifeisbeautiful (its not my invention, but its so great to see it floating around Twitter, makes the place seem that bit happier!) X

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