Friday, 20 July 2012

Life is Beautiful Friday Focus: Finding a bit of peace

  1: Evening stroo with beautiful light (chariswarrell)
  2: (annelimphoto)
  3: Goin in my bath this morning (sacco2photo)
  4: Some sunshine for you on a dreary day (imagesweetness)

 This week I went for an early evening stroll (photo1) and had such a beautiful time enjoying just a little peace and quiet. Funny thing is, minutes earlier, Id been at a seven year olds birthday party! Full of people, loud voices, drums and lots of laughter. That too was beautiful, but just having the time to venture up a country lane, while pushing Florrie in the pram was divine. So much so, I actually did the walk twice. Up and down the lane and then up and down again (this time with iphone in hand!).
Im going to be honest, Im quiet an introvert and its times like these that I truly long for and really need once in a while. Just having time to look, time to think, time to listen and time to take in the late evening sun was a total joy. I then returned to the party and enjoyed the busy-ness and fun again!
Just thought Id share these four images, that to me capture something of peace and time to be.
You cant beat it!
Thanks you to the lovely Stacey, Emma and Tatiana who have shared their lives this week. Hope you have a fab weekend and maybe you too can find some peace, whether it be a walk, a bath, putting your feet up for five minutes, whatever floats your boat x x

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