Friday, 29 June 2012

Life is Beautiful Friday Focus: Bringing a bit of beauty inside

Just a little thought... how lovely it is to bring a bit of natures beauty inside.
With the pretty pants weather weve been having here in the UK, bringing a bit of natural beauty into the home makes up (just a little) for not being able to get out.
I always get a little bit giddy about bringing pretty flowers in to the house. Finding something to put them in, finding a special place to make the most of them and then having little peeks at them whenever I go into that room, its all part of the joy. I know Im not alone in this, hence being able to share these four lovely images today.

1: So cute (lovemydress)
2: Never have enough flowers in the kitchen (joannabrownuk)
3: Sooo pretty! x x (emilyquinton)
4:  Hedgerow flowers (lightandday)             Thank you lovely ladies x x x

So, my little bit of Friday love to you is this post might inspire you to enjoy a bit of natures beauty in your home too. If you do want to take a photo and send it to me, that would be great to share...just a thought! x x


  1. I love bringing nature indoors in every season. Flowers are my luxury!

    Thank you so much for sharing my image today. xx

  2. I adore flowers and always try and get myself a little bunch every week, makes me smile to have flowers in the house :-)

    Love the idea behind this blog. Do you need to be a photographer to submit photos? x

  3. Thank you so much Inga. You can submit your photos to me. This is not just for photographers. Please contact me at and I will pass on the info to you. Looking forward to receiving your photos of your beautiful life x x

    1. Thanks Charis, will do :-) Happy weekend x