Friday, 22 June 2012

Life is Beautiful Friday Focus: Encouraging words and Hugs

Love, love, loving all the beautiful posts from people so far. You do have such beautiful lives. So varied, yet so truly wonderful! A huge thank you to Lisa Jane Brown, Emma Woodhouse, Anna Clarke and Kat Williams for sharing this week. With weddings pretty much every weekend for the next few months making us super busy I've decided that Fridays are going to have a little bit of a different focus.
I'm going to choose photos that I hope might make you smile, capture you imagination, inspire and lift your spirits (well, with the rubbish weather we have at the mo, we need something - sheesh, enough already!)

Here are 4 photos to start off the Friday focus - Encouraging words and hugs
1: Life is Beautiful (asos)
2: Take time (chariswarrell)
3: You look lovely today (chariswarrell/alphabetbags)
4: LOVE (rocknrollbride)

This first Friday Focus is a shout out to all you lovely people, all you beautiful people, all you blessed people and for all the support you've shown this blog so far. Its all about you guys, so please come on board (email me at Id love to share you life with others.
Happy weekend peeps x x 


  1. happy weekend gorgeous little family x
    (giveaway over at mine - you might just like it!)
    fee x

  2. Love your blog Charis, what a perfect idea. Time to step back and appreciate the good stuff occasionally.