Friday, 1 June 2012

My life is beautiful: Charis Warrell

 1)Look up and breathe
 2)Morning light cityscape
 3)My Little Family
 4)Dale Pontoon, Pembrokeshire
 Instagram: chariswarrell
 Twitter: @chariswarrell


  1. Looks and sounds amazing. Count me in Charis. My household also agree that Life is Beautiful x

  2. Life most certainly is beautiful but it's so easy to sometimes forget in the madness of busy lives. I'm so excited and happy about this site. Big love xxx

  3. What an awesome idea!! Would love to be a part of this :) x

  4. surely you knew I'd be straight over! I seem to live more of my virtual life than my 'real' one these days!
    I love the idea of your blog - it's always an interesting issue, that of recording the beautiful, whether to include the sad? I decided right at the beginning to make my blog a happy place - but it sometimes worries me when people comment 'you have such a lovely life'. I don't!
    But I am blessed with much and feel grateful and happy to share the good bits.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work and seeing who you meet along the way
    fee x (chipper nelly!)

  5. Thank you lovely ladies.... very much looking forward to sharing your beautiful lives with other people. You have made me smile x x