Friday, 1 June 2012

So, whats this blog about then?

Life is Beautiful.

I could just leave it there, without an explanation. It almost says enough hey! I feel though it right to explain how this blog has come to life. As a photographer, I am constantly reminded by the beauty of life and its my job to capture moments for clients (mainly on their special wedding days). Since having my daughter Ive had the chance to capture her short life (12 weeks so far!)and wow, its fun, its beautiful, its amazing and every day is new.
With all the hustle and bustle of life its so easy to let the beauty pass you by. Taking time to look up, look down and savour the moment is something we are not so good at, but it can be done. With the amazing amounts of technology that now drive our world its so much easier to capture a moment and savour it when you have the time. 
For most of us the beauty we "could" capture is very much a passing thought as a camera is not always at hand.
With the wonder of mobile phone cameras this is now an option. I'm sure as you read this, your mobile phone is most probably an arms reach away from you. I have to admit, I love my iphone. Not just because its a phone, but because of all the amazing apps and gadgets that it offers me. The camera on my iphone is definitely my favourite function. I use it all the time. When shopping, when pottering about, with friends, family, in the morning...seriously, this camera is used a lot. 
Since the introduction of apps such as Instagram, Hipstamatic, Vintage Camera, (just to name a few) you can take a photo, adjust it, process it and create a small and instant piece of photographic art.
This is really where the "Life is Beautiful Blog" idea has blossomed from. We have beautiful lives. Whatever our job, whatever our background, wherever we live and whatever we choose to fill our lives with, there is beauty to be found. Why not capture it, share it and be proud of the lives we lead. They are all so different, so individual, so special.
As a photographer its always a pleasure to see your work on a blog, in a magazine, used in some form of media. It gives you a buzz and makes you feel proud of your ability and your piece of art.
So, I decided to create this blog. A space. A space for people to share the beauty of their lives, using a basic and simple piece of technology, your humble mobile phone camera. Yes, you can argue that as a photographer I should promote using the best technology and the best processing programmes out there,but thats not what this is about. This blog is not just for photographers. Its for us all. If you like your life and would like to share a glimpse of your life with others, to inspire, challenge, uplift and brighten someone's day, go ahead. This is your gallery space. Your space to exhibit just a snippet of your beauty-full life.

Please contact me at for more information about how to exhibit your photos. Thanks in advance. This is exciting. Im looking forward to seeing what beauty makes your life so great! x x Charis


  1. This is such a gorgeous idea x

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea .... what a positive thing for people to do ... well done you for helping everyone to smile and take the time to slow down and appreciate all you see when you do ! Bekkie xoxo

  3. What a wonderful idea! I love when people use their time to make this world a more beautiful place!!!

    Kerrie (I had asked you on FB what your blog was about)