Friday, 17 August 2012

Life is Beautiful Friday Focus: Colourful life

  1: Cant beat swatches / paint chips for a bit of late night DIY (samlondonwed)
  2: Looking up (nazfilms)
  3: Amazing rainbow in the clouds at the end of a wedding (chariswarrell)
  4: I know I shouldnt but it just feels so right! (sarahrhoads)

Life is so colourful. So vibrant. So bright!
We are so spoilt with the amount of different colours we can see in the world. So many different  tones. Just perfect!
Its funny when you actually take time to look at colour where you find it. I love all these photos. Simple bursts of colour in simple places.
Have fun hunting for colour this weekend and may it inspire you in the photos you take and memories you make. x x

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