Friday, 3 August 2012

Life is Beautiful Friday Focus: What have you done today to make you feel proud?

 1: Less than 9 hours to go! (fabricofmylife)
 2: And the bells begin! (fabricofmylife)
 3: First Gold! (fabricofmylife)
 4: Proud to be British (sophieee_80)

Its only right that this Friday Focus is dedicated to the truly amazing London 2012 Olympic games. Feeling proud to be British? I am!
Loving seeing London host a truly amazing and exciting games. Gutted we are unable to make our way down to the big smoke to enjoy the atmosphere and some of the action.
Cant help but get excited by all that we as a country have done to make the start of these games pretty darn awesome. That opening cermony! Wow! The Queen! Mr Bean! ... I could go on.
Hope youre loving the coverage and youre able to cheer on our amazingly strong, focused and talented athletes.
Now, Im never going to be an athlete. I have pretty much zero stamina, physical ability, strength or skill, but Ive been thinking about how it must feel to win a medal. That feeling of achievement after years of hard work. That realisation that all that hard work has paid off, but also that its over. An immense feeling of pride.
I will never feel proud of sporting achievements, but there are many things in my life that I can learn to feel proud of. It may sound really egocentric, but there is nothing wrong with feeling proud of achievements and looking back at goals youve set yourself and achieved. What are you proud of? Its quite amazing what can spring to mind when you start thinking about it.
Hope you have many reasons to feel proud and you can also feel proud of others too.
Have a grand weekend, happy Olympic viewing! Well done team GB.... You are awesome! We salute you!!! x x
Thank you to all those who have shared their beautiful lives this week. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you would like to share your life on the blog too :D X

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